Correctional Services Learnership

About SAPS Learnerships

Correctional Services LearnershipHave you heard about SAPS Learnerships? Standing for South African Police Service Learnerships, it is the program for government which helps the citizen who wants to be the police. In this kind of program, of course, all the candidates will practice being a police who can help other citizens. Thus, are you interested in joining the program? When you have a big desire to join this kind of program, thus the best thing to do first is knowing well about all of the things relating to the learnerships of SAPS below.

All About SAPS Learnerships

In this case, SAPS Learnerships will be opened by the government each year. It means that you have a big chance each year to be the police. The registration will be done in each province of South Africa too so that many people in all province can join the program. After that talking about the learnerships itself, here there will be two offers which can be chosen. For the first one is 18 months learnerships and 24 months learnerships. About 24 months learnerships, it is actually a BPDLP or Basic Police Development Learning Program.

Furthermore, about the fields which are learned, there are 5 different fields here. Those fields are Crime Prevention, The Canine Unit, Freeway Patrol, Road Policy and The Equestion Unit and by Law. Indeed, all of the fields here will help all candidates to learn to be the best police. After that, another information which is indeed very important is about the requirements. Here there are many requirements like 18-35 years old, certificates, CV, no criminal record and so on. Of course, all of the requirements in applying this SAPS Learnerships programs should be prepared well. When there is one requirement which is not prepared, your chance to be a police in South Africa will be smaller.

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