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http://carreleasedatereview.comIf you need detailed information about the newest released cars, you can get additional information on There are many interesting and unique cars which are going to hit the road in between 2017 and 2020. Here is a list of some of the unveiled cars which are planned to enter the market next years.

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Hopefully, you can find an interesting one in this list of the upcoming cars.

– Audi Q3: This newest small and luxurious SUV by Audi is going to be in 2018 showroom

– Audi Q4: This Audi is based on Q3 and will rival the BMW X4. Expected to hit the road in 2019

– Audi Q5/SQ5: This Audi is the successor and replacement for the popular premium SUV in Australia

– Audi Q6: This Audi is the newest Q5 which will rival BMW X6. Expected to be released in between 2017 and 2020. To get additional details, specification, and further information, you can connect to the internet and contact

– Audi Q8: Is the updated Audi Q7 and designed to fight BMW X7 directly along with Benz GLS. This Audi is expected to be hit the road in 2018

– Audi Q7: This newest and biggest Audi SUV will be going on sale in early 2017

– Audi E-Tron: Is the newest Audi SUV with the all-electric feature. Expected to be released in 2018

– Audi R8 Spyder: This newest version of Audi R8 is predicted to hit the road in mid-2017

– Audi RS 3: This new Audi has additional power and revised appearances and expected to be on sale in December this year.

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