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12 Birthstones by Month

nice engagement ringsNowadays jewelry is something pricey which are very beautiful. Not only as the symbol of wealth, jewelry also commonly used for wedding and engagement day. Moreover, to make the rings to be more attractive the add of birthstones is commonly done. Here there will be 12 birthstones by month which people must know. Those birthstones or also be called as gemstones are the precious stones that are added to the jewelry. You can choose one of the stones here to make your rings, for instance, to be more beautiful. Then, what are those pricey stones?

12 Birthstones by Month for You

As the number of the month in a year, there are 12 different birthstones by month. For January there will be garnet stone having red velvet color while amethyst is for February. The amethyst stone has a nice violet color that is able to make your jewelry be perfect. The next months that are March and April, there are aquamarine and diamond. As the name aquamarine has blue sea color while diamond will be so bright with its white color. Then, for the green stone emerald and pearl alexandrite are for May and June. Those stones are great for your jewelry too.

The other birthstones, for July and August you can find red ruby and green peridot. Here the stones are able to be added to the rings then. On September, October and November, there will be the birthstones of blue sapphire, tourmaline opal and also topaz citrine orange. For the last month that is December, this month is the birthstone or gemstone of tanzanite zircon turquoise. With all the gemstones or birthstones by month above, now you can choose the right stones depending on your birth month. In addition, which gemstone that is the right one for your jewelry?

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